How To Write Facebook Posts

For a minute I want you to stop, focus and to ask yourself these simple questions: Do you want to inspire others? Do you want to make a difference?  Do you want to add interest to someone’s day? Do you want to intrigue someone? Today is the day to start making your Facebook posts worthwhile.  Leave the negative committee off Facebook completely.  No one wants you to be a downer.  There is enough of that on the news.  Let’s begin with ten tips to get you started on this fun adventure!

 1. Write captivating and significant updates that will catch your reader’s eyes.  Sorry to break it to you, but NO ONE wants to know how boring your day is or how tired you are. Bring out your humor.   If you don’t think you are funny then “Google” something funny to say.  Rephrase sentences you would normally say in a more interesting way.  Pretend you’re a news broadcaster and you have a “breaking news” story to tell.  Keep it short.  People don’t want to read long drawn out posts.

2. Focus on the positive.  This is your opportunity to be a force of good. Positive energy attracts positive energy.  When you share the good and positive it helps others want to be good and more positive.  Everyone needs someone to uplift them, why not let it be YOU!  Post pictures or sayings that will make people smile and/or laugh. Post pictures or sayings that motivate. If you have a negative sentence to say rearrange it so it comes out positive.  Share quotes.  Everyone loves quotes.

3. Ask Facebook friends questions or better yet, ask them for advice. There are a lot of people that love to speak their mind, give opinions and love giving advice.  Asking someone for tips on how to do something could be better than “googling” the answer.  “Every person is a door to a new world.” Let them open it for you, by asking them interesting questions.  You will be amazed at how much you can learn from other people about the experiences they have had in their life.  People love to talk about themselves. Ask questions about personal life, entertainment, the news, experiences and/or advice and you will have some interesting conversations to keep up with.

4. Share fascinating photos and links.  Photos are fun to look at and can draw people into a unique conversation.  Links can also be fun, especially if they lead to a really interesting story.  People are always looking for something good to read.  If you work in a particular industry and you want more people to know what you know then share a link.  Teach your readers something with the photos or links you post.  Make a difference.  If you come across some intriguing information chances are someone else will find it intriguing as well.  Share it!

5. Be Creative and Mysterious.  If you have fun plans for the weekend then tell people how excited you are without telling them what you are going to do right away.  If you got a promotion at work or are moving states then word it in a way that gets the reader wondering what fascinating thing is going to happen in your life.  If you’re a business owner and you have exciting events happening then word it in a way that gets your readers thinking what could possibly be in the works.

6. Be spontaneous.  Add some adventure in your life.  While other people are sitting around on Facebook you can be out having the time of your life.  Ever wanted to go skydiving? Make it happen and share a picture of that day.  It may inspire others to get off their computers and go outside to enjoy life.  Be careful not to brag though.  No one likes a bragger.

7. Discuss interesting topics people actually care about.  There are plenty of things to discuss.  Make a difference.  Inspire someone.  Talk about music, sports, movies, books, work etc.  This is a good opportunity for you to talk about what you love and see how many people on your fan page feel the same way.

8. Search The Internet. It is Full of Ideas.  Search for Facebook update ideas and funny posts to write.  There are plenty of websites out there that have great suggestions.  Use these options until you can creatively think of your own.  Ever heard the phrase “google it?” Of course you have! It is a great place to get the ideas flowing.

9. Make it simple.  This is not the time to stress about what to write. Random thoughts can be fun as long as they aren’t offensive or inappropriate. Do not write a long drawn out status update.  Keep it short and easy to read. The more you think about it the more complicated you make it.  Simple is simple for a reason.  Keep it that way.

10. Be Social and Respond. It’s not only polite to respond to comments left on your page, but it shows good character on your part as well.  Also, people like when people interact on their statuses and pictures too. Facebook is all about interaction with others and being responsive.  Don’t be rude! Make someones day and start a conversation with them.  If you are using your fan page then be respectful towards your fans. If they comment on a post always, always, always respond.

These ten tips can be used for any vertical (lawyers, dentists, real estate agents, leasing agents, personal use, etc).  There are plenty of other options, but stick to these and you will see an increase in interactions on your Facebook, increase traffic and increase friends.  People will start to recognize you as an interesting person or business and want to check on you daily. Remember you are likable and no one else is like you.

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