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What is React js? Normally used for user interface development, React.js is an open-source JavaScript library that is mainly targeted at solving the challenge of partly updating web pages. This is especially important when it comes to the development of single-page applications. Large technology firms like Facebook and Instagram use React.js.

As React.js helps in solving a wide range of software development problems, many firms often hire React js programmers.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why businesses of varying sizes use such professionals, the skills required to make successful senior, middle, and junior React.js programmers, where to find developers, and how to hire React js programmers.

When to Hire React JS Programmers

Different-sized businesses have different requirements. Let’s look at how these differ for enterprises, medium-sized businesses, and startups.


Although the normal benefits of React.js we’ll take a look at later are applicable to enterprises, the most important ones here are faster rendering and streamlined testing.

Many well-known global companies use React.js development. Airbnb, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Netflix build their applications using React.js.

Medium-Sized Businesses

Many medium-sized businesses that have been operating for a while start understanding just how important easy-to-use websites and their online presence is to their success. This is where the React.js libraries can really add value to medium businesses.

When React.js is used, the result is a stable application. As Facebook manages it, it is not likely to become obsolete for many years to come. Facebook handles all the React.js security patches and updates, which means that medium-sized businesses don’t have to worry about the platform’s stability.


Startups typically don’t have big development budgets. For these businesses, it is therefore crucial to reduce the working hours needed for any development as much as possible. This is where React.js really shines.

The library allows for the optimization of reusable components and integrating them easily into a website or app development. This leads to a substantial reduction in the overall development costs and the number of working hours.

React.js also has great community support due to the wide usage of the React.js library triggering the invention of various tools that help in making work even more effective. React.js developers also contribute to the library’s development and it now has more than 1,000 contributors.

Which Type of Applications Can Be Built With React.js?

1. Cross-platform Applications

If you need to create apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS, using React Native makes sense. If you decide to hire React native programmers, you can have your app running on both platforms. The layout of apps built with React is based on flexbox, which works similarly on iOS, Android, and the web.

2. E-commerce Applications

More than any other company, E-commerce businesses’ websites need to be well-structured and user-friendly. Smooth navigation is absolutely crucial if you want users to buy on the platform. React.js has FlatList/SectionList components that make it much easier to navigate retail platforms.

3. Lifestyle Applications

It’s not a coincidence that social media apps are built by using the React libraries. The platform is perfectly suitable for apps where users save images, watch videos, share their own updates, and get notified on updates by other users.

Hire React JS Programmers: Requirements and Responsibilities

There are many applications in React.js, making it possible for professionals of different seniority levels to use it. The requirements for senior, middle and junior React.js developers do however differ, as do the requirements among projects.

Senior React Developers

Developers with more than five years of commercial experience are typically classified as senior React.js programmers. They should have TypeScript and React.js experience to create React-based UIs. They should also be experienced in using front-end environments such as SASS, ES6, Unit Testing, and WebPack, and understand development patterns, such as IoC, MVVM, and MVC. They should also be able to build RESTful APIs and services.

Senior developers should have advanced or at least upper-intermediate English knowledge. Another advantage would be experienced with other Javascript Frameworks like Angular, Vue, and jQuery.

Mid-level React Developers

Developers with at least two years of commercial experience with React Native are typically classified as middle React.js programmers.

These professionals should be proficient in TypeScript and JavaScript (ES6) and have experience using Redux for state management. A dedicated middle React.js developer should also be experienced in building mobile applications with consuming API endpoints, efficient UI, and have higher or intermediate levels of English.

Junior React Developers

Junior React.js programmers typically have between one and two -years of experience. At this level, candidates are typically familiar with the basics of React and Angular. Also, they should be well-versed in CSS 3, HTML 5, Git, Javascript, and RxJS. Node.js knowledge is a huge advantage for many projects. Junior React.js developers need a good command of spoken and written English – intermediate level or higher.

For some businesses, it is crucial that programmers understand MVVM/MVC concepts, understand quality assurance basics (e.g., remote debugging and unit testing), and have at least some experience with Server-Side Rendering.

Knowledge of PHP and Node.js will be an advantage for some projects.

The question now becomes how to find react programmers.

Where to Hire React JS Programmers: In-house versus Outsourcing

There are benefits to both these options. Hiring in-house is easier from a legal viewpoint and you and the team will speak the same language and fit culturally.

The outsourcing industry is however booming. Statista data shows that outsourcing vendors could exceed $1 trillion per year due to COVID-related impacts.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons for this rapid growth:

  • You are not limited to a single location and can look for specialists with the required skill set worldwide.
  • Development rates in outsourcing countries are lower than those in the US or UK.
  • Vendors typically tackle the HR and legal processes, allowing you to focus on innovation and digital transformation.

Hire React Js Programmers From An Outsourcing Partner

Barton React.js developers assist companies with delivering high-quality projects. Our skilled Account Reps. will manage the many aspects of our collaboration. This will help you focus on the deliverables together with our developers.

We make it possible to hire React developers fast, as we can normally allocate experienced professionals to your team rather quickly. By comparison, the average time for hiring is around 6 to 12 weeks.

Barton has for a while been building dedicated development teams for our clients. Our long-standing experience is that the steps to hire remote React developers include first selecting an outsourcing company where you will find a React.js programmer for hire. The vendors’ security expertise and domain should then be assessed before signing a contract with the company and streamlining effective communication. Those steps will help you in developing a secure product together with your React.js development team.

Let’s now have a look at some other hiring options.

Hiring React.js Developers From Barton

Hiring a freelance React.js programmer is often a good fit for small projects that will be delivered in about 8 weeks. If you want to hire freelance React.js developers, our seasoned developers are worth considering.

The main benefits of choosing us include:

  • Vigorous acceptance criteria to ensure that only top-notch experts make it into our developer pool.
  • We will help you select the professionals needed.
  • Detailed information on the freelancers’ experience and skills
  • Intuitive and clear user interface

Our ReactJS web developers deliver fast, accurate projects and reliable support through the project lifecycle and, sometimes, beyond. Our programmers create high-performing, secure web applications.

React.js programmers for hire can save you time. It’s crucial to make sure that the professionals applying have the skills suitable for the position. So, let us do the recruiting and vetting for you.

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