How to Use Psychology Today to Boost Your Practice and Get More Clients

What is Psychology Today?

Psychology Today is a magazine that launched in 1967 about the field of psychology. Their website includes information about psychology from experts in the field. The website has a comprehensive therapist directory that is a great resource for people seeking therapists. Therapists can create a profile on the site for potential clients to view.

Why is creating a profile on Psychology Today Important?

Since the therapist directory on Psychology Today is so popular, it is a great tool for finding new clients. Not only is their database the leading source for people searching for therapists, but having a profile listed in Psychology Today will rank you higher in search engines like google as well. Many therapists have successfully used the directory to find many new clients. The benefits of posting a profile on Psychology Today include:

  • being found and ranked highly on search engines
  • great, easy way to promote and grow practice online
  • high volume of online traffic searching for therapists
  • very professional
  • links directly to your own website
  • potential clients can call or email from the site

How Many People Will See My Profile on Psychology Today?

Often times, people searching about psychological issues on Psychology Today will decide to then search for a therapist. Some specifically go to the site to find a therapist. When a potential client visits the therapist directory, he/she enters a zip code and a list of all therapists in the area is generated. Psychology Today rotates which three therapists are listed first. Each search can also be refined by issues, age, gender and a variety of other items. Since clients tend to view therapists at the top of the list, your profile will only be seen by clients 2.5% of the time.

Even if people searching for therapists don’t begin the search on the Psychology Today website, a profile there will make it easier to find you during a search on one of the popular search engines. When looking for a therapist using a search engine like Google, profiles from Psychology Today are likely to turn up in the top five results. Creating a profile on Psychology Today will increase your potential exposure to people searching for therapists. Getting higher on the results list means more exposure.

How Can I Make the Most of My Psychology Today Profile?

The best way to get more clients from your Psychology Today profile is to convert profile views into appointments. When clients see your profile, you want them to get hooked and call to make an appointment. It is important to make your profile compelling and engaging so that viewers will be interested in using your services. Since you will only appear at the top of the results list a small percentage of the time, it is essential to get those viewers interested. Your profile should quickly interest the reader and get them to either view your website or give you a call. To make the most out of your profile, create a profile that evokes interest and persuades viewers to contact you.

What Can I Do to Improve My Profile on Psychology Today?

Your profile will provide a quick reference to information about your therapy practice. Included in your profile are:

  • your picture
  • a written statement about you and your practice
  • information about which issues you deal with
  • information about your educational and professional background
  • links to your website
  • your contact information

Improve your profile and improve your chances to turn profile views into appointments. In order to improve your profile, you should:

  • Make sure your profile is complete. Include your picture, write a statement and list your background and specialized issues.
  • Use a professional picture. Take the time to put your best face forward by using a quality picture.
  • Make your written statement compelling. Use the space to explain why clients should call you for an appointment.
  • Link to your website. Clients may get turned away if they can’t easily visit your website and learn more about you. More and more people expect an online presence and want to be able to
  • visit your website.
  • Ask colleagues for endorsements. You can get connect with colleagues, and ask them to write an endorsement for you. This will increase your credibility for potential clients.

How Do I Know if My Profile is Successful?

Psychology Today keeps profile statistics. Track your stats to gauge the success of your profile. Notice how many people call for appointments after viewing your site and how often people visit your website. This is more important than how many people simply view the page.

Improve your Psychology Today Profile to Get More Clients

Ensure your success by creating a captivating profile on Psychology Today and turn viewers into clients. Make the most out of your profile by keeping it fresh and engaging. Profiles on Psychology Today can bring you more clients if you do it right.

  1. Chip Gentry Reply

    How do we put a link to our own web page on PT page. We can’t find that option in the profile or config. Thanks.

    • The Barton Reply

      Under the name & address tab there should be a spot that says “Web Site”

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