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Little things can make a BIG difference when it comes down to improving search engine ranking. In the internet world SEO plays a big part on boosting rankings and being seen on the search engines.  Here are 7 SEO tips and tricks that can be easily and quickly implemented, but pack major punch.

#1. Fresh, Unique Content

Continuously create unique content. Don’t just copy and paste.  Make it your own.  Tell the world what is unique about each individual page on your website.  What do you like to read? Write in a way that you know your potential readers will find intriguing and want to continue reading.  Quality content is really important these days.  Forget about quantity and focus on quality in every area on your site.

Always write fresh new content on a regular basis.  This will help your rankings because you will be viewed as reliable.  If you decide that writing one blog once in a blue moon is good enough, think again.  The more content you have on your site the better. This will allow your site to be indexed and appear more often on the search engines.

#2. Keep it Simple

DO NOT try to do too much with one web page in regard to keyword optimization.  Keep a narrow focus, pick a common keyword phrase, and make sure that your target keyword phrase resonates through the web page.  In an ideal SEO environment, the same keyword phrase would be in your company name, domain name, title and META tags, and throughout the content of your web page.

Don’t get carried away however, be sure that your content and optimization reads well.  For example, a mortgage company should not say “mortgage” in one place and “home loan” in another place.  Just stick with one or the other.

#3. Keyword Research

Perform keyword research to identify the common phrases used to represent your products and services.  During the SEO process, you will likely have more success with targeting relevant or niche keyword phrases that are less competitive.

If you decide to use a really popular keyword then you’re basically a little fish in a big ocean and will never be found. The goal is to make it to the first page on the search engines.  This is why it is important to pick a keyword that is less competitive, but not to the point where no one will ever search that particular keyword or keyword phrase.  Popular phrases are good, but not too popular of a phrase.  Make sense?

Take advantage of the tools out there like Google analytic’s to research keyword phrases.  Google analytic’s is a good source because it will help you know which keyword phrases result in the most goal conversions.

#4. Image Tags

Implement descriptive title and alt tags within links and images on your website.  Note that a link “title” is not the same as the title tag in your header.  Then use image file names that correspond with your optimized alt and title tag.  For example, if you have a button on a mortgage website, do not name it “image0123.gif”, rather, name it something more appropriate like “mortgage-quote.gif”.  The same is true for web page names, note that the name of this web page contains “top-seo-tips-and-tricks.”

#5. Outbound link

Include at least 1 outbound link to an authority website.  We know how counter-intuitive it may seem to post a link on your website to another website, however this simple SEO trick will improve your SEO rankings.  You should be able to find non-competitive websites to link to that have strong rankings for your most popular keywords.  This represents a “fair-play” and non-selfish mentality, and Google has made this point very clear.

#6. Fast Page Load

Your website should load up fast.  Google has publicly announced that the time it takes for your web pages to load will be a factor in your ranking.  Before choosing a webhost for your website, be sure that clients using their hosting solutions have fast websites.  Some web hosting companies are over-burdened, making the website of all their clients load slowly.

#7 Avoid Spammy SEO

Stay away from sites where they offer paid backlinks or a quick way to boost rankings.  Spammy SEO is quick, but it will only penalize you in the long run. Quality SEO however, will take time, but it will definitely benefit you in the long run.  Every choice you make will either give you short term or long term results. Make sure you choose quality or spammy.  Be patient and everything will fall into place.

There you have it. You’ve just learned 7 SEO Tips and Tricks that pack some punch.  Implement these tips into your daily SEO practices and you will notice a change in your rankings in no time.

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