What if there were an ad that you just couldn’t draw your eyes from? It’s oddly captivating, almost hypnotic, and it would halt your thumb from scrolling farther down your Facebook feed.

There’s one such creative format that is only now catching on as the digital world’s equivalent of the glossy magazine ad: cinemagraphs. And Facebook, along with its mobile photo network Instagram, wants more brands to try them out as it quietly introduces advertisers to the potential of this half-video, half-photograph style, according to digital marketing insiders.

“You’re going to start seeing a

Today, Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter and the Interactive Advertising Bureau’sMobile Marketing Center of Excellence is releasing a study that dives into how young moms—18 to 32 years old—in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China and the United Kingdom use mobile devices and respond to advertising.

Millennial moms in four of the countries (the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil) favored ads with a money-saving incentive—like a deal or sale—versus a promo targeted to their age or life stage. Meanwhile, moms in China were equally responsive to both types of digital ads.

Moms were also shown

Anything Google can do Facebook wants to do better. And with the latter’s new product ads, it has a data advantage that could lead to big revenue for the social network.

Yesterday, Facebook revealed that it’s starting to serve ads for retailers’ goods that use the targeting and personal-interest information it has on its 1.4 billion users. These product adsare an answer to a service that Google has offered businesses since 2013 with Shopping Ads (which were initially called Product Listing Ads). Google Shopping Ads show up as paid posts atop retailer-focused

(Bloomberg) — Twitter Inc. has struck a deal with Google Inc. to make its 140-character updates more searchable online.

In the first half of this year, tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted, thanks to a deal giving the Web company access to Twitter’s firehose, the stream of data generated by the microblogging service’s 284 million users, people with knowledge of the matter said Wednesday. Google previously had to crawl Twitter’s site for the information, which will now be visible automatically.

The agreement underscores the progress that Twitter Chief Executive Officer Dick

What is Psychology Today?

Psychology Today is a magazine that launched in 1967 about the field of psychology. Their website PsychologyToday.com includes information about psychology from experts in the field. The website has a comprehensive therapist directory that is a great resource for people seeking therapists. Therapists can create a profile on the site for potential clients to view.

Why is creating a profile on Psychology Today Important?

Since the therapist directory on Psychology Today is so popular, it is a great tool for finding new clients. Not only is their database the leading source for people searching

Neuromarketing companies are dedicated to improve products and marketing by first understanding how the brain works and then implementing that understanding.  They want to help marketers understand and reach the parts of their customer’s brains that decide.  This type marketing research is magnified by brain-imaging technology.  Companies worldwide use neuromarketing for superior consumer insights on a daily basis.  As an effective new discipline to improve marketing and sales results, by applying discoveries from neuroscience, neuromarketing is sweeping the marketplace.

Dedicated to helping interpret, structure and execute solutions that thoroughly measure and influence unconscious decision-making are what neuromarketing companies are

Social Media Marketing is evolving and the newest trend is receiving attention and website traffic through social media platforms.  The ability for customers to “share”, “like” or “retweet” will benefit your business by reaching a wider audience.

A corporate message that is spread between users is more effective because it is deemed to have come from trusted, third-party sources instead of the company or the brand.  Therefore, this kind of marketing is controlled by word-of-mouth, which is ideally earned media as opposed to paid media.

Social media platforms have become accessible to people and businesses with Internet access.  The increased communication helps

In modern life, with the constant hustle and bustle, people have short attention spans. In the first 2-4 seconds of seeing a webpage most people will decide to leave a website or continue exploring it.  For this reason, visualizations and infographics have become a more effective way to catch people’s eye.

From network data visualizations to word clouds, in a relatively short period of time, infographics have become a primary format for content.  It’s evolution and proliferation has been exponential in the past few years.  Infographics have been rising in popularity whether you hate them or love them.  If you

“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” If you have been in business for years or only a day it is still never too late to improve SEO tactics.  Are your rankings on the search engines low? Are you unsure of where to turn? Ask yourself if what you’re doing is helping or hurting your placement on search engines.  A great place to start is to reevaluate your content.  Are you getting your message across? What content formats have you been using or are going to use?  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, iPhone apps, LinkedIn are only the

The key to building brand loyalty and customer relationships is meaningful interaction.  Unfortunately, with all the marketing noise out there it can be hard for your brand to stand out in a meaningful way.  Humor can be a great way to combat this noise.  It is the most under-appreciated and most effective tactic in communications.  By triggering an emotional response from your audience, humor makes funny messages more memorable.  This helps customers relate to you on a human level and creates brand personality. For your brand to succeed, you need to connect with the public on an emotional level.  It

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