Neuromarketing Companies

Neuromarketing companies are dedicated to improve products and marketing by first understanding how the brain works and then implementing that understanding.  They want to help marketers understand and reach the parts of their customer’s brains that decide.  This type marketing research is magnified by brain-imaging technology.  Companies worldwide use neuromarketing for superior consumer insights on a daily basis.  As an effective new discipline to improve marketing and sales results, by applying discoveries from neuroscience, neuromarketing is sweeping the marketplace.

Dedicated to helping interpret, structure and execute solutions that thoroughly measure and influence unconscious decision-making are what neuromarketing companies are all about.  Companies want to scientifically convince and close more customers.  With their exceptional process they help clients focus their message on their top customers pains, they like to choose unique claims, prove their gain and then deliver to the customer’s reptilian brain.

Marketers understand that emotion drives purchases and Brand Loyalty. However, the traditional way of measuring consumer’s emotions through questionnaires, surveys and focus groups creates a flaw in results by requiring viewers to think about how they feel and say how they feel.  This way of measuring consumer’s emotions fail to get behind the curtains of consciousness.  For a marketing program this only proves fatal because at least 95 percent of mental activity that leads to perceptions, decisions and thinking take place outside the conscious mind according to Gerald Zaltman.

With the use of fMRI, companies can look inside the minds of consumers and provide valuable insights into almost every aspect of its clients businesses with a particular emphasis on advertising and brand marketing.   Some companies are primarily altering the way corporations market to customers. Marketers use the scientifically thorough, precise brain scan approach to get around the limits of self-reporting to gain insights into consumer behavior and attitudes.

Neuromarketing companies provide their services to clients who are looking to make a remarkable transformation on the way they approach advertising. These clients understand the importance of targeting a specific group of clients and engaging them on an emotional and visual level.

Neuromarketing companies usually are marketing research firms that are focused on helping clients gain insights into their customer’s path to purchase. In order to win in an increasingly competitive marketplace, they uncover opportunities for their clients to build their own business, increase sales and enhance their retail marketing strategies.

Neuromarketing is an industry of experts in consumer decision-making, special navigation and visual perception.  Providing clients with actionable and powerful shopper insights generated from in-house consultancy of industry specialists, which may include PhDs in Consumer Psychology, Behavioral Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience.

By understanding how the brain works and then implementing that understanding allows companies that use neuromarketing to market and advertise to their customers more effectively.  This will not only save companies thousands of dollars, but it will also benefit the customers time and money as well.  Neuromarketing companies are able to create more meaningful and useful products for their customers by learning about their subconscious desires.  By making products customers love and enhancing lives benefits NOT only companies, but the customers as well!

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