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“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.” If you have been in business for years or only a day it is still never too late to improve SEO tactics.  Are your rankings on the search engines low? Are you unsure of where to turn? Ask yourself if what you’re doing is helping or hurting your placement on search engines.  A great place to start is to reevaluate your content.  Are you getting your message across? What content formats have you been using or are going to use?  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, iPhone apps, LinkedIn are only the beginning to get noticed.

Always keep an open mind when it comes to creating material.  Treat anything you develop as pieces to a larger whole rather than the “one and done” approach.  Create pieces of content that add to a single big idea.  When it comes to marketing most organizations don’t view it as an ongoing, long term model whereas creating content does.  Long term, it is  more effective and efficient to take a broader view.  Create content that can address multiple audiences and that can come to life across many different platforms and in various formats.

Developing content is not a simple task.  You will want to reuse and re-imagine your content by creating a content ecosystem.  Create a content plan that feeds off of your main idea or core message.  The search engines will index each piece of content separately, which will multiply your ability to be found by customers.

Start researching your main idea.  This will be your fuel source for all your written content.  Plan your objectives and goals. Who is your target audience? What do you want your target audience to do when they reach you?  You will want to match this with the needs and wants of your customers.  What do they care about? What can you create that they value?

For example, are you trying to reach overweight buyers to get them to try your weight loss supplements?  Perhaps your main idea is to develop content around how to lose weight in 30 days.  Are you trying to reach travelers? Perhaps your main idea is to develop content around steps to take to rent a vacation rental.

Organize the content you have already created.  According to various topics, key messages or themes categorize your content.  Get rid of the old stuff and keep the good stuff that is relevant today.  Once it is organized decide on a schedule you will want to use for creating and publishing new content.  This will help your content be consistent and easier to manage.

Decide on what your daily, weekly and monthly goals are.  By planning you will be able to produce and publish necessary content to help attract your target audience to your site.  Take your content ideas and express them in various lengths, formats and media.  Create compelling stuff that your audience wants to read and they will keep coming back.

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