Writing Effective Twitter Posts

Through Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+, online popularity has the potential to launch your brand or company to greater heights. However, all social networks are completely different and need to be approached that way. Twitter is more of a selective feed then it is of a network. Every post matters because essentially, twitter is one long list of updates. If you are new to Twitter or are just looking for a way to get noticed then follow these 7 simple steps for writing more effective Twitter posts:

1. Keep your messages short. With only a maximum of 140 characters allowed in each message on Twitter, you need to make it a meaningful message with as few words as possible. Allow for 20 blank characters to ensure the maximum re-tweet ability. Unless of course you don’t want to share your message or have a re-tweet, but if that is the case then twitter is not for you. It is recommended to use 10 words or less in your message. That way you don’t have to worry about not having enough room for re-tweets. People like to add comments to their re-tweets. The shorter the message is the easier to read and re-tweet.

2. Hashtags. With the use of hashtags you can make general tweets for a more specific audience. Don’t go overboard here though. One or two hashtags is ideal. If your entire tweet is composed of only hashtags do you honestly think people are going to want to follow you? If you have a live feed, hashtags are great for pulling people into the conversation. Bring some humor into it. Funny hashtags make people laugh. Make sure you research your hashtag before you use it. It will prevent later embarrassment if you accidentally use a hashtag that draws you into a conversation that has nothing to do with what you are talking about.

3. Use URL shorteners. This will help keep you in the 140-character mark with no problem. It is highly recommended to use Bit.ly for all URL shorteners because it’s convenient and great for stats. People love links, but long links take too much space. Remember short is always better when using Twitter.

4. Think like the readers you have and want to have. Think maximum readability. What would other people like to read? This isn’t just about you. Your tweet needs to appeal to most of your readers and the majority of your network. Just because you think everyone will like it does not mean they will. Answer and ask questions you think your readers will like. Leave the inside jokes off your tweets because no one will get them. Don’t talk about the food you ate or how tired you are. If you think your tweet is boring then chances are everyone else will too. Keep them interesting. Take some extra time to tweak your tweet. This way you will ensure that it will appeal to a higher number of your readers.

5. Stand out from the Crowd. Pay attention to the tweets on your twitter feed. Which ones stand out to you and which ones don’t? Pay attention to the ones that open your eyes and make you click on them. What draws you in? Is it what they said? The links they added? Or is it their hashtags? Whatever it is tweak it so it’s your own. Have monthly giveaways and contests. People love free stuff. Be interesting. Be entertaining. Be intellectual. Be you. And don’t try too hard.

6. Spelling and Grammar. Never shorten a word into text talk. It looks sloppy. Write clearly and correctly. If you flunked English growing up or it just wasn’t your favorite subject then use a word processor to correct your work. Would you click on a tweet that is misspelled? Chances are you probably wouldn’t. Unless you’re using abbreviations make sure you use proper grammar and spelling for everything. And better yet, don’t use abbreviations. Not everyone is going to know what you mean by an abbreviation. It also looks sloppy and it looks lazy. Don’t do it. Make sure not to capitalize everything either, because it makes it look bulky. NEVER WRITE WITH ALL CAPS ON. IT LOOKS LIKE YOU’RE SHOUTING. No one wants to be yelled at!

7. Write “Breaking News” headlines. News headlines are constantly being re-tweeted. People love to feel like they were the first ones to come across a news story. Of course, if you really are posting a news story make sure to confirm it really happened before you start telling the twitter world about it. Tweeting about news that has happened within your particular industry is great too. It keeps people informed and will get them excited to want to keep learning more. This will give value to your followers. People love news related topics, current events and gossip. Tweeting about these things will draw people into your feed. Be careful and sensitive to particular current events that deal with race, politics, gender or religion. You don’t want to accidentally or intentionally offend anybody.

While these 7 steps are simple and effective, it is really important to keep up with your tweets. You want to be noticed. No one is going to know you even exist if you only post once in awhile. Inactivity is frowned upon. Building your brand and follower count takes time. None of these steps can be done in one night. Building trust takes time. Remember to be patient, work hard and stay consistent and you will eventually reap the rewards.

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