Writing Landing Pages

Do you experience sleepless nights regarding your conversion rates on your site? Like you,  I am always looking to improve in all areas on my site especially my conversion rates. What I’ve learned is that you want to show your visitors they can trust you.  You want to connect with them.  You want to be the one your visitors turn too. Most importantly, you want your visitors to become customers!  When it comes to writing landing pages, there are at least 6 tips to remember.

1. You want to relieve the “pain” that your visitors may be having.  By making a headline that speaks to the pain your visitors are experiencing, it will draw them in, catch their attention and keep them reading on.

2. Write out your visitors pains and then write out the reversal of those pains. Spend more time talking about how you will benefit your visitors and less time talking about yourself.

3. Always, always, always write your copy first before designing.  Writing and designing at the same time is hard.  Do NOT decide to design first, then fill in the blanks with written copy later because that just equals disaster.  I just said it…  DISASTER!

4. Be careful of graphics that break up too much of the reading flow or anything that makes it harder to read. I don’t know about you, but anything I find difficult to read stops me in my tracks and causes me to hit the back button instantly.  Don’t let that happen to your visitors!

5. Do NOT write headlines or copy that is accusatory.  Nobody likes to be accused of anything especially if they’ve done something wrong.

6. Always show your visitors they can trust you, don’t just tell them.  Building relationships is far greater than asking for the sale right away.  Without trust you gain nothing.

Providing value, helping to accomplish goals and building trust before asking for the sale will not only convert visitors into customers, but will leave you feeling like an overall good person.  Remember these 6 tips when writing landing pages and you will eventually reap the rewards of increased conversion rates.

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