Stats Show Importance of Local SEO

The results are in.  Yes, local SEO really is that important.  These days, consumers are hitting the web to find local companies and to decide what to buy.  If your local company doesn’t appear in the search engine results page (serps), you may be missing a lot of potential business.  Don’t miss out—check out these reasons to see why you need local SEO to boost business for your local company.  

Mobile Searches Increase On-site Traffic to Your Business

Google did the research; you can reap the rewards.  According to Google’s research, 50% of consumers that search for a local business on their smartphone will visit the store within one day.  34% that did the search on their tablet or smartphone also visited within one day.

What this means for your business—It is important to appear on the local serps.  These searches translate into business in your store.  When consumers want to find a local business, they will check out local searches.  By making sure potential consumers can find you online, you are increasing your chance that they will visit your business.

What you can do to rank on local searches

  • Make sure you are listed on the important local search sites.
  • Make sure your listings are consistent and have updated information.
  • Make it so Google can identify your location.
  • Use local keywords in your URLs, tags and content.

Customers Use Local Information Provided in Ads

In Google’s research they found that users prefer to have local information in their online ads.  This local information is immediately helpful for them.  In fact:

  • 67% have used the address or phone number listed in the ad
  • 61% have used buttons that direct users to call or get directions
  • 67% of smartphone users want ads customized by location

What this means for your business—In order to draw these customers to your business, you need to use ads that are customized by location.  Use buttons that encourage customers to call or get directions—they will use them.  

What you can do

  • Target your ads by location
  • Use location extensions
  • Make sure your information is correct in Google My Business (Adwords uses this information)

Consumers Trust Online Reviews

BrightLocal’s consumer review study showed that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.  Not only are consumers looking to the internet for reviews, but they trust what they read, and use it as a determining factor for whether to visit a business or try a product.  Good reviews can translate into good business.

What this means for your business—Make it a priority to get reviews on the internet.  Encourage your current customers to write reviews, and always provide excellent service so that the reviews rave about your wonderful products and customer service.  Good reviews can bring you more business.  

What you can do to get good reviews

  • Do a good job at what you do.
  • Encourage customers to leave a review.
  • Respond appropriately to any bad reviews.

Consumers Look Online to Find Business Locations and Addresses

Research by Nuestar Localeze shows that the most sought after information searched online are address and location.  Consumers are going to the search engines to find out the location and address of businesses.  Make sure your website provides this information so that potential customers can find what they are looking for.  

What this means for your business—You need to make sure your location and address are easily found on your website, mobile website, social media pages and local listings. Make sure to accommodate local searches by giving them the information that they want.  

What you can do

Prominently display address and location on your:

  • Website
  • Mobile website
  • Social Media Sites—Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Local Listing Sites

Mobile Searches Lead to Sales

Mobile devices have the highest conversion rates.  That means consumers searching on their mobile device are more likely to purchase a product than searches conducted on other devices.  Google found that 18% of searches done on a mobile device lead to purchases within one day.  Consumers that use their phones to search go on to buy things.

What this means for your business—Make sure you have a mobile friendly site.  Additionally make sure that it has the information that consumers need.  Mobile searchers are close to making purchasing choices.  Take advantage of that by having a mobile website. Not only will a mobile friendly site mean more business for you, it will also help you rank higher on the results pages.  This is a win-win that will lead to more business.  

What you can do

  • Have a mobile friendly website.
  • Prominently display important information like your location and address.  

Consumers Prefer to Use Mobile Browsers to Apps

BrightLocal also found that consumers prefer to use a mobile browser when searching for a local business over using an app or mobile maps.  50% of consumers choose to use a mobile browser, while 40% use mobile maps and 10% use a mobile app.  

What this means for your business—It is essential to have a mobile friendly website.  Now that Google uses mobile-friendliness to determine rankings, there are many reasons to go mobile friendly.  Increase your rankings, increase your customers and increase your business by having a mobile friendly site.  

What to do

Make sure your site is mobile friendly. If you’re not sure, check out Google’s mobile friendly test and find out.    

The Barton Organization SEO Can Help

The Barton Organization can help you with your local SEO needs, as well as help you make a mobile friendly site.  Now that you know how important mobile friendly sites and local SEO are for getting consumers into your business, call The Barton Organization so that we can review your site and let you know how we can help.  Call today and get more foot traffic in your store as soon as possible.  

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