SEO Competition Tips

Those that have sought to achieve high search result rankings and maintain them have learned that Search Engine Optimization is a constant battle between their competitors and themselves.  In order to stay on top you need to monitor your competitors SEO activity and improve your own website.  If you have had enough of watching your rankings drop and your competitors rise then consider these five tips: Focus on creating great content, carefully plan your keyword targeting strategies, keep up with SEO news, monitor your competitors backlink profiles and monitor your competitors on-site SEO activities.

First things first, you need great content on your site.  The amount of content and quality of it really does matter when you are trying to attract visitors to your website.  Adding fresh content makes your site more appealing not only to yourself, but to people who read your site, the search engines and the search engines automated indexing programs.  Viral sharing can happen when you have high-value content.  This leads to an increase in the number of external backlinks pointing to your site and improves your SEO.  By investing time into creating articles, blogs and other content to your website you are increasing your chances of raising your search rankings above your competitors.

As you begin creating your content you will want to carefully consider the keywords you are wanting to target.  Once your keywords have ranked on top, maintaining them is not always a valuable use of your time. Using Google Analytics or Google’s Webmaster Tools program you can look at the traffic data for different search queries and determine which keywords are most effective and which ones are used by competitors.  Focus on the search queries that yield the highest traffic.  You will want to use advanced tool programs to determine which keywords produce the most conversions.

Keeping up with SEO news is important because it is constantly changing.  Just because one method works today doesn’t mean it will work tomorrow.  If you recognize a growing trend or new technique before your competitors then you may be able to stay in the lead in the search results.  It is recommended that you set aside time each week to monitor SEO news websites.  If there is a major change in SEO best practices you will be able to take action right away and prevent your site from dropping rankings in the search results.

Monitor your competitors backlink profiles.  This will help you identify potential sites to link to and increase your websites backlink numbers.  You will also be able to uncover any new linking strategies your competitors may be using to try to beat your site.  The best SEO techniques aren’t always widely publicized.  For this reason keep tabs on any changes in your competitors link building. Don’t forget to monitor your own website backlinking profile as well.  This will help prevent negative SEO attacks.

Last, but not least monitor your competitors on-site SEO activities.  If your competitor discovers a new way to optimize their page in the search results than you can learn their ways and increase your rankings as well.  Search engines are known to give out penalties which do cause competitors to update their sites pages.  It is important to be aware of both.  Pay attention to competitors use of keyword optimized headers, title tag structures and other SEO activity.  With these suggestions you will only improve your own SEO efforts. I hope you enjoyed our seo competition tips.

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