Brief History of West Palm Beach

Located on the Atlantic coast in southeastern Florida is the city of West Palm Beach. It is the most populous city in the county of Palm Beach County. With a population of 1,320,134 in 2010 making it the third most populous county in Florida. West Palm Beach is the oldest incorporated municipality in South Florida. It was founded by Henry Flagler in 1893 who imagined it as a potential for tourism, who wanted to turn it into a “worker city” and created it for servants working at nearby hotels of Palm Beach. However, residents decided to incorporate the city in 1894 and it became a bustling frontier town with storefronts and saloons. The city’s population quadrupled from 1920 to 1927. Everything grew including the farming, sugar businesses in the glades, the schools, the theaters and the hotels.

Unfortunately, this did not last long before people began to take the money and run followed by the killer hurricanes of 1926 and 1928. The meteoric rise brought a terrible fall. West Palm Beach’s total property value dropped from 1929-1930 by more than half because of the depression. Property value was close to its pre-boom 1920 value by 1935. It took a world war to bring West Palm Beach back. During World War II the city became strengthened by military dollars and an influx of veterans moving south. A new era of progress exploded in West Palm Beach. In 1949 property value began to rise from rock bottom $18 million to $72 million and continued to surge until 1962 when it was up to $147.5 million. Between 1950 and 1960 it became the fourth fastest growing area in the United states.

Now in the 21st Century West Palm Beach continues to grow with over 100,000 permanent residents making it the largest community in Palm Beach County. The city is filled today with many attractions, restaurants, shopping, hotels, water sports, art galleries and much more. Its no wonder why so many people across the world visit year round. With many hotels, resorts and vacation rentals to choose from with any budget, staying in West Palm Beach can be a very exciting and worthwhile experience. There are luxury and upscale resort hotels, boutique hotels and small Inns, trusted Brand hotels, distinctive hotel’s, Bed and breakfasts, vacation rentals, campgrounds and RV parks, Beachfront and waterfront hotels, convention and entertainment district hotels, airport hotels, green hotels, historic hotels, pet friendly hotels, and golf and spa resorts. Staying at one of these places will definitely make your vacation a one of a kind experience that will not be forgotten.

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