Mobile Marketing

With over a billion smart-phone users starting the year off in 2013, we can only imagine how much that will increase over the next year.  Escalating pressure to make marketing content mobile-friendly continues at a rapid pace.  Implementing a mobile site may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be.  In order to reap the benefits of mobile marketing follow these three easy steps:

1. Create a mobile-friendly website.  If you don’t make your website mobile-friendly you risk losing out on potential customers especially since now a days one third of page views happen on mobile devices. Your mobile site should be kept as straightforward as possible with important information displayed clearly and effectively.  Avoid having too many pages to navigate through.  Quick and short loading times will keep customers on your site longer and less likely for them to leave to other businesses sites.

2. Take advantage of mobile marketing tools.  There are mobile specific marketing tools that are used only for mobile devices. These include the ability to scan QR codes or geolocation. With these in mind, develop your website to reach even more customers.  QR codes make it easy for smart-phone users to scan, automatically directing them to your site.

3.  Use mobile tools for your own benefit!  If you are like most people always on the go, keeping an up-to-date presence within your business social channels can be quite challenging to maintain.   But it doesn’t have to be! Not unless you take advantage of the mobile apps like Facebook Pages Manager that allows you to login to your fan page without logging into your personal account and/or twitter’s mobile app allowing you to tweet wherever you go.

Of course, these three steps are only the beginning, but they will definitely start you off on the right track.  With a mobile friendly website, mobile marketing tools, and using on the go apps for your own benefit you will attract more traffic to your business and enjoy the rewards of mobile marketing.

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