Neuromarketing Benefits “YOU” The Consumer

Advantages of Neuromarketing

A well-known fact of life is that we are all consumers whether we like it or not.  Shopping plays a big part in our everyday lives.  Regardless, if we are buying milk, clothes, a cellphone, or even just gas, we are indeed all consumers.  Every day we are flooded with messages from advertisers and marketers.  Everywhere from television commercials, billboards, internet, social media and stores.  Constantly coming at us are brands and information about brands from all directions of life.  We are exposed to endless amounts of advertising every day. Neuromarketing is an exciting field of marketing research that studies various brain responses to marketing stimuli.  Using neuromarketing to determine why we as consumers buy the things we buy, what information makes it to our consciousness and what information does not is a great start to building brands of the future.

Constantly, our brains are busy filtering and collecting information.  That information will either become memory in our long-term storage or will be lost and considered unimportant clutter distributed into nothingness.  Instantaneously and unconsciously this happens every single day.  Neuromarketing will help reveal to marketers what is really going on in our brains that determines the choices of brands we pick over another and what information passes through our brain’s filters and what information does not.

It is a fascinating combination of marketing and science that opens a window into the minds of humans we’ve longed for for decades.  It is the key to unlocking consumers “buy” buttons.  The subconscious desires, feelings, and thoughts that drive purchasing decisions each and every day of our lives that we continuously make.

I’ll be the first to admit, the thought of a science being able to peer into our minds is creepy! What could possibly go wrong with a “brain scan” though?  The thought of it leaves many people paranoid, but it shouldn’t.  These scans are to help us as consumers learn why we make the decisions we make and what part of our brain is telling us to do so.  It is meant to help us not manipulate us or control our minds.

Businesses don’t have a hard time keeping track of what we as consumers buy, but why we buy what we buy is a different story.  That is exactly where neuroscience comes into play.  The purpose is to empower and educate you to make wiser, better, more informed decisions about what you are buying and why.

To be able to understand why we buy the things we buy will help us in the long run.  We will be able to gain more control on our spending.  We will be able to tell why we fall for certain tactics and tricks of marketers and advertisers. Once we know why then we will be able to defend ourselves against them.  The more companies learn about our subconscious desires and needs, the more meaningful and useful products will be made.  Marketers don’t want to provide products we hate.  They want to bring us products we LOVE!  They want to enhance our lives!  Used ethically, brain scans will benefit us as consumers.  Neuromarketing will not only help products earn more money, but will help satisfy more consumers all at the same time!  It’s a win-win combo.

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