How To Get More Google Plus Followers

Social Networking has boomed throughout the last decade and continues to boom every second of every day. People are finding the ease of communicating via Internet all over the world. With the variety of social networks, which one stands out to you? From Facebook to twitter and now to Google plus, businesses large and small are using these sites to boost sales, notice-ability and communication across the globe. But how exactly do you go about getting more followers? Google plus may sound foreign to many and the thought of recreating a new social presence from nothing isn’t always a joy ride, but it can become quite an adventure. Google Plus is great for businesses and a very powerful tool to connect with customers and prospects to generate new leads. But lets face it, if you don’t have a great follow count then all your efforts are wasted. This is exactly why you must follow these 7 tips to get you started and guaranteed to attract more Google Plus followers.

1. Fill out your Google+ profile:

Before you start adding contacts and people fill out your Google+ profile. Write what you are all about. Write your story. Come up with a Tagline, an introduction and brag about what makes you as great as you are. Then fill out your work and education experiences. Fill out the basics, ways to contact you, links to other profiles and/or websites. Upload a decent picture of yourself and a cover photo. Post about anything that you know people will like to read and that is interesting to you. Make your profile follow worthy by filling out your profile completely. If you leave it blank do you honestly think people are going to think you are an interesting person and want to add you?

2. Share unique content:

Sharing stuff that people will actually read will boost your follower count, but that is pretty much a given. As the experts of SEO always say “Content is King,” it is true with Google+ too. Before you invite your contacts and random others to your page you want to make sure that you build it up with content and posts. Optimizing your page with unique content will help promoting your presence that much better. When visitors come across your page you want to lure them in with a positive experience. If your page is blank you lose out on potential followers because they will tag you as boring and non-informational among other things. Lets not risk it. Start today by adding fresh content. What draws you into other people’s pages? Funny posts? Informational posts? You decide on what works for you and run with it. You want content that your friends and potential followers will love and want to share with others.

3. Invite your contacts:

After you set up your Google+ page, you should invite everyone in your contacts. This is the only way people are going to really know that you have an account. Ask friends and family if they have an account. If they don’t have an account ask them to join. Add your Google+ profile link to your email signature and talk to everyone you come across how great you think Google+ is and why they need to join.

4. Follow People and Pages:

After you have invited your contacts start seeking for people you don’t know. What are you interested in? Who are you interested in? A list of examples to get you started include health, gardening, fitness, web design, legal, real estate, sports, photography, celebrities, etc. There is a broad selection to choose from. Once you have added these people and pages start interacting with them. Start to +1 the posts you like, share their posts and/or comment on their posts because people like to know you are interested in them before they consider adding you back. Plus who doesn’t like attention? Make meaningful comments and try to help people. I don’t know about you, but I love asking for advice. People all over the world want to help and give their two cents.

5. Create Google Plus Circles:

Circles are a way for you to keep all the people and pages you follow categorized in an organized manner. When you start adding people and pages you will be asked to check which circle you want to add them to right away. I like to use to get more Google+ followers to add me back quicker.

1. Open your Google plus account, after this open

2. On circle count click on specials.

3. Scroll down and click on Circles.

4. Type your required field or interest in “Search for shared circle.” Examples include lawyers, web design, SEO, marketing, etc.

5. After this, you can find a list of shared circles on your computer screen. It is your choice which one you want to join. It doesn’t matter which one you open. Just open any circle (right hand side near details).

6. Now you have to click on Add circle. If that option is not there it will tell you to join Google+. All you have to do is sign into your account. Once it recognizes that you are logged in then it will display add circle.

7. At the top of the screen you will see an option to create new circle or add to an existing circle. Type in your circle name or create a new circle name and start selecting the people you want to add.

Adding a circle is quick and easy, but it does take time for these people you add you back, but don’t worry they will eventually add you back. Patience is really important when working to gain more followers. It is definitely not something you can accomplish over one night. Make sure you join shared circles you actually are interested in and that you feel will be of value to you and/or your business.

6. Make your profile public:

Making your profile public and allowing comments on posts will help followers/visitors able to interact with you. It is a great idea and very beneficial to add Google+ buttons on your website as well. You want to be noticed. When you meet someone for the first time in real life you ask the person’s name and a few questions about their life and where they work, but with Google+ you jump right into conversations as if you already know the person or people commenting on your post or their posts. Its way easier to make friends this way without the awkwardness you may feel in public at times.

7. Promote your presence on other social networks:

Use the fans you have on Facebook and followers you have on twitter to promote your Google+ page. Chances are if they are loyal fans and followers then they will love to add you on Google+ too (That’s if they have even crossed over and have become a Google+ user). Google+ is unique and is becoming more effective to increase your business reach across the globe, while the Facebook craze is slowing going down.

To briefly recap on how to get more Google Plus followers follow these simple steps: Fill out your complete profile, share unique content, invite your contacts, follow people and pages, create Google+ circles, make your profile public and last, but not least promote your presence on other social networks. These 7 tips are a great start to increasing your Google Plus followers. Everyday your numbers will increase and your messages will be noticed, but remember to never give up. Use Google Plus today to recreate your social presence and connect with customers and prospects to help generate new leads. Have patience, be persistent and always have fun along the way.

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