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Effective 03/29/2023


Barton – The Barton Organization, LLC of Plantation, Florida.

Client – Person or Entity with a verbal or contracted agreement with Barton.

Base rate or base rate or normal rate – the hourly rate used to calculate or estimate service costs.

Service(s) – Any professional service, email response, phone or video call; or any work or service provided by Barton for Client.

Webapp – A web-based website, script or application that is access via https.

Emergency requests – email requests for a webapp or website that is “down” or browser requests cannot reach the webapp.

Terms of Service Agreement

All costs are estimated, and all costs provided are the starting at price.

Email responses may take 3-5 business days, but are typically within 2 business days. Email responses are not handled outside of business hours. However, a rush-rate may be applied to handle email responses outside of business hours.

Emergency requests are typically handled as soon as possible. We will “bandage up” whatever the issue is, if possible, and then add the remaining work to the shared-work queue.

All Services (with the exception of email responses) provided by Barton will be added to a shared-work queue that will not start until the next business week. Start times can be anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks, depending on work queue volume.

Any Service that needs to be started or completed same-week requires a project scope-of-work (SOW) and may include an adjusted base rate.

Any Service that needs a specific due date or launch date, would require a project SOW.

All Service requests require cost range to be approved before service may begin.

Phone or video calls must be pre-scheduled & approved; cost(s) will pull from prepaid balance or require prepayment before phone or video call scheduling.

Coaching / Training

Coaching / Training services provided from Barton will be double the base rate.

Holidays / Weekends / Hours not included within 9am to 5pm Eastern Time.

Any Services provided on Holiday, Weekend, or hours not included within 9am to 5pm Eastern (Standard/Daylight) Time Zone will be double the base rate.


We’ve invested our time, and in some cases, our own money, along with some of our Intellectual Property (IP). Because of our investment into your business, it is in violation of our Terms of Service for any and all Professional Service plan(s) or subscription(s) provided by Barton for a Client to start a competing business, hire a third-party, contractor, sub-contractor or hire employees for any service that is offered by Barton while under an active service plan, subscription or professional service agreement.

Furthermore, any outstanding invoices or payments owed by Client that are over 5 business days past due will result in shutdown of all Free Hosting, and potentially any and all Services.

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