POSIRANK is a tool that businesses can use, along with agencies. Their prices aren’t really that much lower then hiring an SEO specialist like The Barton Organization. I can see it as a niche for businesses that want to add on SEO without much risk. But try not to hope for too much from them.


The cost varies, $30 for a simple article on a site like blogger.com, or +$1,000 for SEO services.

Does POSIRANK work?

In theory it should, as long as they aren’t flagged as spam. They offer link building, Onsite SEO, etc. Pretty standard stuff. But if you’re thinking you’re going to rank over night, and if they’re selling that you can rank over night…then you’re going to be disappointed because ranking over night only happens when you go viral. Not many businesses will go viral overnight.


You can pretty much do POSIRANK vs anything and do a comparison.

POSIRANK Alternative

We’re one.  We’re a full service SEO company. We do it all for businesses so they don’t have to worry about anything. Contact us for a quote.

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