What does a Lake Worth SEO do?

SEO is the art & strategy of getting websites to rank higher on Google, Yahoo or Bing (among a few). It’s art, it’s science & it’s strategy.

Keyword Research

You must be wondering what a Lake Worth SEO does right? Well, we do LOTS of things. We do tons of keyword research. We look at keywords until our eyes bleed. Well, maybe not that much, but we look at keywords for a long time. We try and find out what others are missing. You know? We do, we find what other people miss.

Content Writing

We write your content as well. Yup. We write. It’s  passion, it’s something we believe in. It’s who we are. We’re a company with writers, or just writers.

On page fixes & optimization

Things might not seem broken, things might work & look great. But Google is your picky neighbor. The one that always seems to see a flaw or something stuck in your teeth. Not only that, Google always changes its opinion on what it likes. One day you’re fat, one day your skinny, and you didn’t even change weight! That’s Google. We have the muscles to adapt to Google and to keep up with Google’s silly nature.


What does a Lake Worth SEO do? We research your keywords, we write your content & we fix you pages so Google can’t tell you you’re fat or ugly (we fix page issues). When you’re ready, give The Barton SEO a call today!

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