What is a Drunk Driving Attorney?

A Drunk Driving Attorney – or DUI/DWI Attorney – is a lawyer that fights for you in court. We all make mistakes, whether we know it or not. If you were drunk or if you just were under the limit in Illinois; you need a drunk driving attorney. This lawyer knows the laws, knows what to look for, and what to fight for. This lawyer does what you cannot do yourself. This may be your first time, it may be your second, third or fourth. You still deserve the protection of the law. That’s why we’re Americans, correct?

You can look on Thumbtack, Avvo, FindLaw, Justia or even Lawyers.com for a great drunk driving attorney. Make sure you find one you can trust. If they’re over promising, then they might be scammers or just too new at their jobs. Look for a decent amount of experience.

After looking at those sites, make sure they have a web presence. That’s very important. Without a web presence, how do you know they know about modern laws? It sounds silly but it’s true. If someone can’t operate a modern phone, why would you want them to defend you in court? They couldn’t figure out a phone, but they’re supposed to know recent laws?

Also look for an attorney that respects your time. Your time is valuable. Even more so now that you need a drunk driving attorney.


Finding an attorney that is right for you is a difficult task, but an important task. You really need an attorney you trust, especially when you were busted for drunk driving. You lose your license, your way to get places (Uber can only do so much for you); your life will be much harder. Make sure you fight for your rights and you get an attorney that fights for your rights. Oh, and don’t drink and drive.

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