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The Barton Organization is a Florida SEO Company. We’re as close to Stuart as an email or phone call, or a stop on the way to the Sawgrass Mall to do your shopping.

Stuart, Florida SEO

You love your business. We love helping businesses. Looking for an SEO company by Stuart? We can help. Here are our core services:


Professional Web & Mobile Design. More and more people are browsing your website on mobile devices. Google is putting more value into mobile-friendly websites. Therefore, you really need a website to work on mobile. When starting a new business, in absence of certifications or accreditations, a professional website will act as your trust indicator. Think about it. Are attractive people seen as more trustworthy in your eyes? You might not want to admit it, but yes, studies have shown that attractive people tend to be seen as more trustworthy. That doesn’t mean it’s true of course. But with that same principle, if you have a professional looking website, it’ll make it easier for your sales team.


Clean code written in PHP & Javascript utilizing the following frameworks and more: jQuery, Drupal, WordPress, Laravel & Zend Framework. We like to take our programming and turn it into an art form. Some people hate coding. We love coding, and we take pride in writing clean code that you can look at and go “woah, you wrote that?”


Search engine optimized websites help your business succeed in the long run. It’s not easy. Think of it like investing in a house, over time, you get something of great value. SEO isn’t something that will help you rank over night; not for competitive keywords. But it is something you should invest in for the long run. Think big picture.

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