Getting the Best Website Design, SEO Marketing, and Social Media Marketing in West Palm Beach

Website Design

What is it? Website design is creating a vision for a website and planning how that vision can be produced. Many elements come together to create a website, including:

  • Layout—the arrangement of graphics and text on the page.
  • Color—the choice of colors used on the site for text, background and graphics.
  • Graphics—the different photos, logos, clipart or icons used on the site.
  • Font—the look and size of the text.
  • Content—the text should be relevant and enhance the site.
  • Navigation—the site should be easy to use and move between pages.
  • Multimedia—using relevant video and audio can enhance the site.
  • Compatibility—the site should work on all web browsers.
  • Technology—new technology can add to the site. These days websites can do more than ever before. Keep the technology up to date to have the best site possible.
  • Interactive—users should be able to interact with the site. Consider allowing them to add comments or take polls.

Benefits. The design of the site has a huge impact on its success. A website should be visually pleasing and easy to use. A great design can have many benefits, such as:

  • Encourage repeat visits—When people visit your site and like what they see, they are more likely to visit your site again in the future.
  • Keep viewers interested—An interesting and well designed site keeps readers on the site longer. If they pull up a poorly designed site, they will quickly choose another. A good design will keep visitors on your site instead of your competitor’s.
  • Make information easy to find—Quality web design allows users to find information easily. When visitors come to your site, they want to be able to find the information they need.
  • Increase customers—With so many people using technology, websites have the ability to increase the number of your customers. If people need to find a business, they are most likely to look online. Having a website will help those customers find your company.
  • Distinguish from competitors—A great design will distinguish you from your competitors and make people look to your site for the information and items they need.
  • Less spending in the future—Getting a good design in the beginning will save you time and money in the future. If your design is not well thought out, you may have to pay for another design to get the look and functionality you need.
  • Room for changes—Solid website design plans for the future and creates a solid foundation for whatever changes you may need to make.

SEO Marketing

What is it? SEO stands for search engine optimization. Search engines like Google and Bing have formulas for how they rank sites that appear on their search engine results pages. Companies that specialize in SEO marketing, understand what the search engines are looking for and can make strategic changes to your site so that they can rank higher on the results pages. When people look for something on a search engine, they are more likely to click on the top results. SEO marketing can help your company be one of those top choices.

Benefits. Quite simply, the higher you are on the search engine results page, the more potential customers for your company. Great SEO marketing has the following benefits:

  • Higher website traffic—the higher you are on are on the search engines results page, the more customers that will visit your site.
  • More customers—with higher traffic to your site, you have the potential to turn more viewers into customers.
  • More money—more customers brings more profit to your company.
  • More success—the more people that know and learn about your company, the greater your success.

Social Media Marketing

What is it? Social media is extremely popular and a great tool for marketing. A company that specializes in social media marketing can do more than just create social media pages for your company. Companies that understand social media marketing can use those sites to increase your business.

Benefits. Social media is a great way to get your company out there so that more people recognize your company. The benefits of social media marketing are numerous, including:

  • Increased recognition of your company—marketing on social media will allow more people to see your company and start to recognize your brand.
  • Increased loyalty for you company—the more people see your company and follow you on social media, the more their loyalty to your company grows.
  • Increased traffic to your website—every post you make on social media increases the possibility that people will visit your website.
  • Increased search engine rankings—social engines take social media popularity into account when determining rankings.
  • More customers—every time you let more people know about your company, you are increasing the amount of people that are converted into customers.

West Palm Beach SEO

The Barton Organization is a website design, SEO marketing and Social Media marketing company located in the West Palm Beach area. If your company is in the West Palm Beach area, the Barton Organization is the company that can help improve your website and optimize it for the best results. We know website design and SEO marketing.

  • We have extensive Internet marketing experience with all different types of businesses.
  • We are capable of creating the best websites with experience using WordPress and Drupal.
  • We constantly monitor the changing methods used by search engines like Google and Bing.
  • We have proven success for our various clients.

Experience Matters

Experience designing websites, using proven SEO techniques and using social media is important for any West Palm Beach SEO company. The Barton Organization has the experience that matters. Not only have we designed a variety of modern, fresh websites, but we also have the knowledge and skills to optimize your site to get the most out of it. Contact us today for your web design, SEO marketing and Social Media marketing needs.

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