Office 365 Clutter Feature

Office 365 introduced the new Clutter feature last November, but waited until this summer to make it a default feature. Now the Clutter feature is set as default for all users. This new feature intends to streamline the email process and save time. Basically, the Clutter feature takes into account the email user’s behavior and preferences and sends any typically unopened email into the Clutter box. This is separate from the Spam filter. Users will receive a summary email about what has been sent to the Clutter box.

Does Clutter Un-clutter Your Inbox?

The intention of the feature is to un-clutter user’s inboxes by separating out email that is typically unopened. Relevancy of the email is categorized based on the email user’s past interactions with the sender. If the email user hasn’t opened any email from a particular sender in some time, then most likely future emails from that sender will be found in the Clutter box instead of the inbox.

What Does this Mean for Marketing Emails?

Marketers have fretted that the Clutter feature will reduce the number of emails opened. After MailChimp analyzed 1.5 billion emails in 6 weeks, they have determined that yes, the Clutter feature does impact the number of emails opened from marketing efforts. But the number was much smaller than feared. The open rates were only decreased by 1.5%.

How Can Marketers Stay Out of the Clutter Box?

Quite simply, to stay out of the Clutter box, send email that people want to open. Emails only get sent to the Clutter box if the email users are not opening them. Make your emails meaningful, and make them something that people want to read. If you do this, Office 365 users will continue to open your emails and the Clutter box won’t ever see them.

Stay Out of the Clutter Box

The best way to stay out of the Clutter box is to send thoughtful emails targeted to a specific audience. Send out email to the people most likely to want to read it, and make it something they will want to read. This will get your email opened. If your email is opened then it will not end up in the Clutter box.

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