What is the Marvel App?

The Marvel app is an app that allows you to design and create prototypes of your own apps. It is a great way to use your imagination and create your own apps. Best of all, you can start using it for free.

Design Your App

Marvel makes it easy to design your very own app. You can use the Marvel design tool, import images from other tools, or import images that you’ve drawn on paper.

  • Use Canvas. Canvas is the name of the Marvel design tool. You can use it to create designs for your app.
  • Use Photoshop or Sketch. If you don’t want to use the Marvel design tool, you can import images from other design tools. Designs from Photoshop or Sketch are easy to import and use.
  • Use Pen and Paper. If you prefer to sketch your own images on paper, you can also snap pictures of those and upload them to the app for your use.

Create a Prototype

Marvel also allows you to create a prototype of your app to share on a mobile device, your desktop or even an Apple watch. You can easily link your designs, add transitions and share your ideas.


Marvel allows you to easily collaborate with colleagues. You can invite others to join your project, form teams, and add comments.


The Marvel App has many great features that make it convenient and easy to use. Features include:

  • Sketch plugin. Allows you to use the app with Sketch.
  • Works with Slack. Allows you to communicate with your team through Slack.
  • Integrates with Box. Allows you to store and retrieve files with Box.
  • Allows Comments. Allows contributors to leave comments.
  • Works with Apple TV. Allows you to view your prototype on Apple TV.
  • Has User Roles. Allows you to specify what team members can do.
  • Organize Project with Folders. Allows you to organize files.
  • Uses Layers. Allows you to add interactive elements to your designs.
  • Has Timers. Allows you to automatically move between screens.
  • Works with Google Drive. Allows you to sync designs with Google.
  • Embed Video. Allows you to embed videos from Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud and Spotify.

Marvel is a great tool for designing and creating apps. It makes it so that you can design an app without being a computer programmer. Use all the great features to enhance your app and your experience.

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