How To Grow Your Twitter Following

Social media is a great tool for marketing. A presence there can help bring in your targeted audience. While many companies have figured out how to use Facebook, Twitter can be a little more confusing. They may wonder how to use 140 characters to get their message out. The key is to have a large following. Tweeting a message or two a day to a small following won’t get you the response you want. It is important to grow your followers in order to reach a larger audience. A great way to get a larger following is to follow others. In many cases, people you choose to follow will reciprocate. By seeking out like-minded people that could be interested in your company and following them, you are reaching more people that might just follow you back. A great tool called can help you do this in a few easy steps.

Create a (or Account

This a great tool to help you grow your list of followers. And it is FREE. All you need is a Twitter account and you can get started. (If you don’t have a twitter account, get one of those first.) Then go to and click sign up. Follow the directions and create an account. You’ll need to enter some basic information, and then you will be set up.

Follow other Followers

Log in to and go to the main dashboard. Click on the follow followers button. This will help you add followers that have already shown interest in a known user or community. You can find people with a specific interest which may relate to your company. Since they’ve already shown interest in a similar area, they just might be interested in your product or company.

Follow other Big Names

After you click follow followers, you will see a space where you can type in a twitter handle. Here you will type in the twitter handle of a Big name in the industry. Depending on what your company specializes in, will determine which Big name you will type in. Once you type in the correct twitter handle, you will click on start following.

Follow Large Groups at Once

Now you can follow some of the followers of that Big name. Since they are already following that Big name, they’ve shown their interest in using social media. Twitter rules only allow you to add a certain number of followers at one time. Start by following 20 to 40 followers of the Big name. Then wait and see how many follow you back. If you have good content, then people might choose to follow you back. Once you follow 2,000 people, Twitter rules will only allow you to add 10% more than how many are following you. For example if you have 2,000 followers, you can only follow 2,000 plus 10%, which is 2,200. By continuing to follow people, they may follow you back, and your list of followers will grow.

Re-tweet & Quote Re-tweet

When you retweet, you get more content for others to retweet. In return, you see more exposer, and therefore, more Twitter followers. When you Quote Re-tweet or dot reply, your followers see what you tweeted. If it’s good, they’ll retweet it. Furthermore, when you do this the high profile twitter follower make interact with you. That gets you exposer and then his/her followers will follow you. Now you just need great content…

Create Great Content

Following other people to encourage them to follow you is a great way to build your list, but you also need to make sure to create great content. Hopefully you already have a website with valuable content and a regular blog. You can tweet about updates and let your audience know what new things are happening and what great content you have to share on your site. If you have great content, then more people will be likely to follow you back. As you grow your following, your impact will grow as you reach more people.

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