How to Get the Most Out of Facebook

Social media is a great way to stay in touch with families and friends that live across the country, or in the next room. It is also a great way to get information from the brands you love. Now that you can “like” just about anything and get updates in your news feed, a quick scan through your news feed makes it easy to find out the latest products, upcoming concerts or when your favorite blogger has posted a new article. Companies recognize the value in using social media to promote their brand and are successfully increasing their reach.

Increase Your Personal Facebook Engagement

There are lots of ways to increase your personal engagement on Facebook. To get the most out of your quick visits to Facebook during your elusive free time, follow these tips:

  1. Write Posts. To get the most out of Facebook, you have to use it. Post original content. If you post frequently about the same topic, you will see more of that type of content in your news feed.
  2. Share Posts From Other People. Share posts from other people about things you are interested in. When you do this, you will also start to see more things in your feed that interest you.
  3. Change Privacy Settings. You can change the privacy settings for every post. Keep private posts private, but post some things to your public feed (if you feel comfortable). The more public your privacy setting, the more people that have the potential to see your post. You can also allow people to follow you without adding them as friends. This will limit what stuff they can see, and you can increase your following.
  4. Keep Bio Public and Up-to-date. Many people make it difficult for others to find them on social media because their bio is private. In order for people to find you on Facebook, you need to make sure your bio is public. Keep it up-to-date as well. This way people can find you, increasing your chance to add friends and get more out of Facebook.
  5. Make Lists. Put your contacts in lists. Then you can select which list to view and only see posts from the people on that list. You can make a list of family members, close friends, co-workers, acquaintances, whatever you want. On the main news feed, Facebook only puts some posts. If you go to your list, you can see all posts from the people on those lists, not just the ones Facebook chooses to share with you.
  6. Make Comments. Comment on other people’s posts and on your own posts. Increased engagement on your part will increase engagement from others, and more people will see the posts.
  7. “Like” Posts. When you “like” posts you will see more of that type of content in your news feed. This is also another way to engage, that will increase engagement from others.
  8. Hide Posts. If you hide posts that you don’t want to see, Facebook will stop showing you similar posts. This will clean up your news feed and make it so you see more of what you want to see and less of what you don’t want to see.
  9. Unfollow. You can unfollow friends without unfriending them. This way you don’t have to see posts, but you can still interact with them when you want. Unfollowing people and other pages you have liked in the past will clean up your news feed and allow you to see more of what you want to see.
  10. Remember Variety. Post a variety of content to your page. This will make sure you get a variety of information in your newsfeed as well. It will also make it more likely that people will want to follow you. If you only post selfies or pictures of your food, those that don’t want to see that type of content will unfollow or hide your posts, making it less likely that your posts will be seen. Posting a variety of content will make it so that more people will want to see what you post.

Increase Your Company’s Facebook Reach

Companies are successfully using Facebook to reach more customers and to advertise their brand. People “like” products and companies, and can then see posts on their newsfeed so that they get the most up-to-date info about products, artists and companies they love. While it may benefit your company to pay for advertising on social media, here are a few ways to increase your reach without paying for it.

  1. Create Compelling Content. The best way to get people to read your posts, “like” your posts and share your posts, is to create compelling content. If you provide content that people find interesting, they will come back for more and share it with others. Keep the original, thoughtful content coming. Posting frequency is important; you don’t want to post too often or too little.
  2. Encourage “Likes” and Shares. Encourage people to “like” and share your content. This is tricky since you don’t want to blatantly tell people to “like” and share. The best way to do this, is to follow step number one and create compelling content. People will share things they like and find interesting.
  3. Provide Reasons For Comments. Write your content in a way that gives people a reason to comment. The more people that comment, the more reach your post will have. Give people a reason to comment, and they will.
  4. Use Pictures. People love pictures and visuals. Use these to increase the effectiveness of your post.
  5. Post Variety. Change up your posts. Post a video, a picture, an article, a poll, but change it up. Variety keeps people interested and will increase your reach.
  6. Embed Your Posts. Put your posts on your website or blog so that people that aren’t on Facebook can see them. This will help more people see your posts and get them to also follow you on Facebook if they saw you somewhere else first.

Need Help Increasing Your Reach?

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