How To Write A Better About Us Page

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Writing an About Us page can be intimidating. Sure, it should be easy to come up with information about yourself, but there is pressure to make yourself sound interesting and accomplished. Many people may wonder what to write about and how to make it sound good. After all, once the information is posted to the About Us page, it is out there for other people to read. Here are a few tips on how to make an About Us page that presents you and your company in the best way possible.

1. Tell Your Story

Your customers want to know who you are, and the about page is the place to tell them. Answer the W’s: Who, What, Where, and Why. Tell them a little about who you are, what you do, where you do it, and why. Let them know how you got started and the story of building your company. Share the important details and leave out the unimportant boring ones. People like to know who they are working with, so use this opportunity to give them a little info about yourself. Don’t be afraid to share a little personal details by sharing your hobbies or interests. This will help your customers relate.

2. Use Your Voice

This isn’t a term paper, so it shouldn’t sound like that. However, remember that it is a representation of you and your company so it shouldn’t be full of slang either. Aim for a voice that represents you and your brand, and be consistent throughout your website. Allow the customers to hear your voice while still maintaining a professional tone. Use simple language that your customers can understand and avoid technical jargon that could confuse those unfamiliar with your field.

3. Add Photos

Your customers want to see you. Adding a photo of yourself and your team members is a great way for the customers to get a feeling about who you are. This also makes the page much more interesting. You don’t have to stop at photos either. Videos or illustrations are a great way to let your customers know more about your company and make your About Us page stand out. Just be careful not to clutter the page with too much.

4. Include Contact Info

Provide info on how to contact you on your About Us page. Even if you have a separate Contact page, make sure to link to it from the About Us page. Make it easy for your customer to learn more. If they have any questions after reading the About Us page, the contact info will make it easy for them to find those answers.

5. Make it Easy to Scan

Don’t have one huge lump of text on your About Us page. Make it easy for your customers to scan the page and find the information that they need. Clump your text in easy to read paragraphs, so that readers can look through the information quickly. A large clump of text is intimidating to readers, and smaller, easily scanned chunks make it easier to read.

6. Keep it Updated

Once you’ve written your About Us page, make sure to keep it updated regularly. It is guaranteed that life changes. If you’ve listed any dates on the About Us page, make sure it is regularly updated so that you don’t unwittingly let people think that your credentials are out of date or that you don’t have current products. When people read outdated info on the About Us page, they worry that the rest of the website may not have current and relevant information either.

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