The 6 Biggest Content Writing Don’ts

Writing fresh, quality content is one of the best ways to get readers to visit your site again and again.  However, writing fresh, quality content isn’t always easy.  In an attempt to get frequent content posted, some websites make some big mistakes.  The following are the biggest content writing don’ts.

  1. Don’t duplicate content across social media platforms. Content for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and your website should be unique.  If you put the same content up everywhere, there isn’t any reason for your readers to visit the rest of your platforms.  Make sure to put up something original in each place, and give your readers a reason to visit.  It may be tempting to use automatic programs to spin content and use it in multiple places, but it makes your page tank on the Serps (search engine results pages).  Think original, and post often.
  2. Don’t only use overly promotional content. Readers know when the content they are reading is just promotional and not useful.  Unless you are providing content that provides useful information that benefits your customers, they won’t have any reason to read your posts.  Of course the content will be promotional in part, but it should have another purpose as well—to engage and interest your audience.  Not many people get on the internet thinking, “I’d really like to read some ads.”  They are more likely looking for useful information about a topic.  Make sure your content provides something useful to your customers, and they will come back for more.
  3. Don’t use large chunks of text. Long, in-depth text may contain helpful information, but it also means customers will be less likely to read it.  Use headings, bullets, and graphics to make it easy for readers to skim the page and find the information they want.  When information is easy to get from a quick internet search, readers get lazy and avoid reading long articles unless they are optimized with subheadings, bullet points, bold words and links.  If it takes a long time to search through an article to get the information needed, readers just might look somewhere else.  Keep them interested by using formatting techniques to make information easy to find.
  4. Don’t write boring content. Make sure your content has personality.  Flat, boring content is sure to push readers away.  Ensure that your content is interesting by writing with voice.  That means having your personality and style seep into your writing.  Instead of writing like an encyclopedia, write an engaging article that will keep readers interested.
  5. Don’t use dull titles.  The title should grab readers and make them want to find out what the article contains.  Dull titles mean readers will skim right past your article in favor of one that sounds more interesting.  Grab interest right from the start with a title that does more than list the content.
  6. Don’t limit yourself to writing. Interesting articles will always grab an audience, but don’t limit yourself.  Videos and infographics are also great ways to get customers to visit your site.  Some people prefer visuals to reading, and you can be sure to grab all types of audiences to your site by using a bit of each.  Keep the content fresh and interesting by varying between written articles, short videos and infographics.  

Many websites make these 6 mistakes when posting content.  With the importance of posting new content to keep customers returning to the website, it is easy to make mistakes in the rush to get content posted.  Make sure to post quality content by avoiding these don’ts.  The Barton Organization can help you make your website great with our SEO services that include content writing. Learn more about SEO topics by visiting our blog, or call us today to find out how we can help make your website great.

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