Forcing SSL with phpMyAdmin

I installed yet another install of phpMyAdmin, and every time I forget how to configure it to force SSL. All phpMyAdmin installs should do this (use SSL). You never want to login without SSL unless you’re on a secured network. Here’s how to get phpMyAdmin ssl to work.

2 1/2 ways to force SSL with phpMyAdmin

1) Using Apache .htaccess (this can also be put in the httpd.conf if you don’t use .htaccess files):

or with nginx:

Note: I don’t like this way but I this is a way some people do it.

2) Using phpMyAdmin’s file:

I prefer to use #2 because I don’t have to mess with Apache at all.

If you’re wondering what 1/2 way is to use phpMyAdmin with SSL, well, I count #1 a little bit more since it’s talking about doing it with .htaccess and/or Apache/Nginx conf.

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