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From the blog

How to Use Psychology Today to Boost Your Practice and Get More Clients

What is Psychology Today?

Psychology Today is a magazine that launched in 1967 about the field of psychology. Their website PyschologyToday.com includes information about psychology from experts in the field. The website has a comprehensive therapist directory that is a great resource for people seeking therapists. Therapists can

Florida SEO Made Easy

An online presence is a must in this digital day and age. Most companies understand the need to have a website and advertise on the internet. Methods for making the most out of a website can help customers find you online and seek out your services. One form of marketing

How to use pathinfo() to get the filename of a file without the extension (PHP)

There comes a time in a programmers life when you want or need to grab the filename of a file, but not the file extension, while using PHP.

Here’s how to do just that:

$filename = pathinfo(‘./bin/myimage.jpg’, PATHINFO_FILENAME); echo $filename;

It comes in handy when you want to do something

How to get a domain’s ip address from the command line

There comes a time when you want to check the ip address of a domain, you know, just in case you have the host file overridden or when you’re transferring a domain over to a new server. Here’s a little script to help you do that, and it’s based on

How to use PHP’s glob function to list files by their extension

There comes a time when you need to list files in a directory, but you only want certain files by extension. Here’s how you do that:

$files = glob(‘/your-path/your-directory/*.{png,gif,jpg,jpeg}’, GLOB_BRACE); if(count($files) > 0) { foreach($files as $file) { // DO SOMETHING HERE } }

The previous example will list all