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From the blog

Google Search Share Drops After Firefox Switch

GoogleGOOGL +1.92% is already feeling the effects from the recent loss of a search deal, as a potentially larger deal looms.

Market researcher Statcounter says Google’s share of U.S. search traffic, excluding mobile devices, declined to 75.3% in December from 77.5% in November, after the maker of the Firefox browser made Yahoo the default search engine. YahooYHOO +0.18%’s share of search traffic excluding mobile devices grew to 10%, from 8%.

That’s a significant shift, given that Firefox accounted for roughly 14% of U.S. browsers in December, Statcounter says.

Google’s Chrome and

Using PHP to format phone numbers

PHP is great. It complements JavaScript wonderfully. You may have already formatted the phone number on the front end, but what about on the backend? There comes a time when you need to use php to format a phone number. I use this function in my projects all the time.

PHP Format Phone Number Function

function format_phone($country, $phone) { $function = ‘format_phone_’ . $country; if(function_exists($function)) { return $function($phone); } return $phone; } function format_phone_us($phone) { // note: making sure we have something if(!isset($phone{3})) { return ”; } // note: strip out everything but numbers $phone = preg_replace(“/[^0-9]/”, “”, $phone); $length

How to list the functions in a PHP file

When debugging your PHP code you often run into an issue where you’re trying to find the scope of what variables are available. Whether you’re taking over a project from someone, or you’re using a CMS or framework, being able to list in an array all the functions comes handy.

Here’s the simple PHP function to get all the functions available to you:

function myfunc() { echo ‘Hello World!'; } $list = get_defined_functions(); print_r($list);

This will output something like:

Array ( [internal] => Array ( [1] => func_num_args [2] => func_get_arg [3] => func_get_args [4] => strlen [5] => strcmp

How to validate a domain in PHP

PHP is by far our favorite programming language here at The Barton Organization. As a search engine optimization company in Florida, we use technologies like Laravel, WordPress & Drupal quite frequently.

In this little tutorial, we’re going to talk about how to validate a domain in PHP.

In order to validate a domain, the easiest way is to validate based on whether or not the domain is attached to an IP address or not. You can do regex to match the domain to a pattern, but then you need to keep a list of valid domain patterns. You can check

How to Use Psychology Today to Boost Your Practice and Get More Clients

What is Psychology Today?

Psychology Today is a magazine that launched in 1967 about the field of psychology. Their website PyschologyToday.com includes information about psychology from experts in the field. The website has a comprehensive therapist directory that is a great resource for people seeking therapists. Therapists can create a profile on the site for potential clients to view.

Why is creating a profile on Psychology Today Important?

Since the therapist directory on Psychology Today is so popular, it is a great tool for finding new clients. Not only is their database the leading source for people searching