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From the blog

YouTube Is Doing Great With Fewer People Skipping Ads, Google Says Earnings affected

Google says YouTube ads are responsible for the company’s lower recent ad pricing, and the mobile transition is no longer the drag it once was. Google reported earnings today, and it focused on YouTube’s impact on the business.

Google touted YouTube’s ad growth, with more brands running campaigns and more people viewing ads instead of skipping them.

Google executives said that higher-quality creative led to more views, which helped increase paid clicks—basically, the number of ads served—25 percent over the same time last year.

Also, click prices for advertisers were down 13 percent.

How to setup phpMyAdmin to automatically upgrade

Keeping software updated can be very time consuming because let’s face it, software runs our lives. Unless you’ve been living in the forest the past 20 years, you use software daily. As a Developer, I use phpMyAdmin, it’s my app of choice when managing databases because it runs smoothly, and it’s free. I love free, don’t you?

Now there comes a time in a Developer’s life when he/she needs to upgrade their phpMyAdmin installation. But since it’s one of those things that isn’t entirely “urgent” for the most part, security updates aside, we tend to put off upgrading until we

Announcing Click-to-Deploy Elasticsearch (plus Marvel) for the Google Cloud Platform

Searching and analyzing your data in real time with Elasticsearch is now available as a one-click installation on Google Compute Engine (GCE). Google collaborated with Elasticsearch to take the Lucene-based open source product you know and love and made it easy to use on cloud infrastructure you trust.

GCE is the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) component of the Google Cloud Platform, which offers a suite of cloud-based services to help users develop and run a multitude of applications. Using virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure, GCE lets users run large-scale workloads with the reliability and performance of Google’s global fiber network.


Here Is the Captivating Ad Format Facebook Hopes Will Wow Its Users: Subtly animated cinemagraphs are practically hypnotic

What if there were an ad that you just couldn’t draw your eyes from? It’s oddly captivating, almost hypnotic, and it would halt your thumb from scrolling farther down your Facebook feed.

There’s one such creative format that is only now catching on as the digital world’s equivalent of the glossy magazine ad: cinemagraphs. And Facebook, along with its mobile photo network Instagram, wants more brands to try them out as it quietly introduces advertisers to the potential of this half-video, half-photograph style, according to digital marketing insiders.

“You’re going to start seeing a

Study Shows Which Mobile Ads Get Millennial Moms’ Attention 77% of U.S. mothers respond to pics of babies

Today, Johnson & Johnson’s BabyCenter and the Interactive Advertising Bureau’sMobile Marketing Center of Excellence is releasing a study that dives into how young moms—18 to 32 years old—in the U.S., Brazil, Canada, China and the United Kingdom use mobile devices and respond to advertising.

Millennial moms in four of the countries (the U.S., United Kingdom, Canada and Brazil) favored ads with a money-saving incentive—like a deal or sale—versus a promo targeted to their age or life stage. Meanwhile, moms in China were equally responsive to both types of digital ads.

Moms were also shown